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Our Mission: To ensure that every dental practice is strategically built on a foundation of strong systems that are clearly written, measurable, and easily managed by a well trained team.

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We partner with you and your team to create customized systems and protocols that are written, measurable and easy to manage for growth and profitability.

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Let our experienced team manage your insurance billing so you and your team can focus on patient care. 

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Our services ensure you sidestep potential pitfalls and have as smooth and successful practice acquisition experience. 

Dental Administration – A Beginner’s Reference

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Introducing the Dental Administration: A Beginner’s Reference, an eBook designed for anyone interested in understanding the basics of dental administration, especially if you’re completely new to the field. Here’s why it’s great:
  1. Easy-to-Understand Information: Gain clear explanations of common dental topics.
  2. Big Picture Insights: Learn important details while grasping the overall concepts.
  3. Daily Companion: Use it as your handy guide for essential terminology, procedures, verbal scripts, and daily protocols.
This eBook has become a trusted resource for navigating the world of dental administration. Dive in and start your journey! 🦷💡


Happy Clients

Audrey Herod

Our office has been working with Rosen Summit Dental Advisors’ outsourcing team since October 2022. It was a big decision to move all insurance postings, claims and AR out of the office after having had it in house since the practice opened 40 years ago. Deidre and her team helped to make the process as easy and stress free as possible. They are always there with a quick response to any questions or concerns that we need addressed to help make the process work. I look forward to continuing my working relationship with Rosen Summit and would recommend their services to any other office looking to make the move to outsourcing.

Michaela D

Rosen Summit has been really great for my business. Here's why: 1. With staff turnover/FMLA/COVID/vacations/maternity leave, it is reassuring to know that no matter what happens, insurance and billing are handled timely and professionally. 2. If the insurance/billing coordinator is away, the company will or can assign another person who is trained just as well to cover. 3. There is a clear system in place that is followed consistently. 4. The billing/insurance coordinator that I have is wonderful-she is a pleasure to work with, provides excellent communication, and has been extremely helpful. My team loves working with her.

Fred N.

Recently, our office worked with Rosen Summit Dental Advisors LLC to clean up some systems and protocols that had become outdated. I found their experience and dependability to be very professional and consistent. Whether it's coaching employees on how to manage software issues or guidance on current trends in the dental field, Nancy and Tara bring a wealth of knowledge and resources to the table. I confidently recommend their service to both a start up and an established practice.

Smiles By Rosie Family Dentistry

I put off bringing on a third party for claims for years and just wish I'd found them sooner! Very easy to get onboarded, and they are very thorough with getting all claims paid, including previously rejected ones, hunting down obscure info, getting insurance reps on the phone, and just making sure all your claims are paid. Definitely will boost your production, and everyone is very friendly!

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Our consulting services are tailored for dental practices at various stages of their business cycle, from start-ups needing guidance on opening their practice to established practices looking to improve management, increase profitability, and plan for transitions. We support practices in implementing effective systems and protocols, handling insurance claims, strategic planning, and more, making our services beneficial for a wide range of dental practices.


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