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Some of Our Happy Dental Clients

I worked closely with Blake from Rosen Summit Dental Advisors throughout my practice transition, and he was one of the few people who I could count on to follow through and get the job done. My business acquisition was one of the more complex cases, but I knew that Blake would provide sound advice and I could trust him implicitly. He truly cares about his clients and will go above and beyond to make sure your practice needs are being met. Blake is an active listener and will make himself readily available to triage any questions that you or your staff may have. With Blake, you can have confidence that your office will be set up for success.
Dr. Brianna Muñoz
Outsourcing team is amazing! All the work they do is accurate and done in a timely manner. Highly recommend Rosen Summit Dental Advisors!
Kelly Broderick
Everyone is so knowledgeable and proficient. Our practice is running smoother than ever and I owe it to your team. Thank you for going above and beyond "5 stars" every day for us!
Christina Dellolio
As a client of Rosen Summit Dental Advisors for several months, I highly recommend Nancy and her collaborative team of professionals to anyone looking to improve workflow of a dental practice. My teams and I have been working with Tara, as the In-Office Consultant from RSDA. She came with extensive experience and has been instrumental with staff training, implementing efficient billing practices and incorporating a much more productive workflow with reduced stress. Tara’s insight and methodical approach to improving all aspects of workflow at each of my practice locations has been invaluable. More recently, the practice also began working with Jennifa, from RSDA’s Outsource Billing Division. In just over one month, we have seen a significant increase in receivables, quicker turn around time with claims processing and a decrease in denials on claim submissions. Jennifa has remained in constant communication with my office staff, Tara and myself, making this transition to outsource billing a relatively smooth process. 5 Star Review from a satisfied and very happy client!!!
Dr. Angel Gangoy-Leonard
Rosen Summit has been really great for my business. Here's why: 1. With staff turnover/FMLA/COVID/vacations/maternity leave, it is reassuring to know that no matter what happens, insurance and billing are handled timely and professionally. 2. If the insurance/billing coordinator is away, the company will or can assign another person who is trained just as well to cover. 3. There is a clear system in place that is followed consistently. 4. The billing/insurance coordinator that I have is wonderful-she is a pleasure to work with, provides excellent communication, and has been extremely helpful. My team loves working with her.
Michaela D.
I put off bringing on a third party for claims for years and just wish I'd found them sooner! Very easy to get onboarded, and they are very thorough with getting all claims paid, including previously rejected ones, hunting down obscure info, getting insurance reps on the phone, and just making sure all your claims are paid. Definitely will boost your production, and everyone is very friendly!
Smiles By Rosie Family Dentistry
A decade ago, we purchased a thriving dental practice, jumped into the driver's seat and left it on cruise control. Between staffing changes and the global pandemic, we found our AR nauseatingly high and in an absolute mess. Blake was instrumental in establishing new procedures for us to build upon, while Mary and her team worked on cleaning up the messy AR. We had neither the acumen nor the staffing hours to be able to accomplish both. A severe case of "you don't know what you don't know". Now, we are able to move forward with new systems and a solid foundation. I am forever grateful for the Rosen Summit Dental Advisors!
Dr. Kris Blackwelder
Winnisquam Dental
Can I tell you that this is so amazingly helpful and Keila has been an absolute pleasure to work with! I have also put your company out on the AADOM forum as other managers have started asking more and more.
Chris Farley
Pediatric Dentistry of the North Shore
During my tenure at Sowles-Trauring Dental Partners of Boston, I had the opportunity to work closely with Nancy Kagan. Nancy was brought into the practice to establish systems and processes for the practice as it relocated to the Prudential Center in Boston and underwent a major expansion. I joined the practice immediately after the relocation as a general dentist and relied heavily on Nancy's expertise during that period. As a result, I feel I am well qualified to comment on her professional capabilities. During my career as a general dentist, I have had the opportunity to work with a variety of dental practice consultants. I can say without hesitation that Summit's knowledge of the dental business coupled with their common sense and people skills clearly set them apart from the pack. In a profession where many of their counterparts get by on a cookie-cutter approach and generic ideas, Summit is in a class of their own due to their initiative, creative thinking and intelligence. I can think of no better compliment regarding Summit than to say that I will soon be purchasing my own practice, and I expect that my first official act will be to bring Summit Dental Partners on board to assist with the transition.
Marissa Ryan
I hired Summit to help me resolve a personnel issue in my Nashua, New Hampshire practice. I was impressed by the consultant's honesty and the way she gained the trust of the staff almost immediately. I then asked Summit to help me with my Lowell, Mass office. They came in March of 2005 and are still working with us on a regular basis. They have examined every aspect of the practice and under their guidance we have enjoyed 4 of the best months since I purchased this practice 7 years ago. Our Summit consultant has truly become a member of our family and has inspired and encouraged the staff to raise the bar both for themselves and for the practice. Their presence in my office has given me peace of mind and allows me the confidence of knowing that my systems and staff are being taken care of so I can once again concentrate on caring for my patients. It would be my pleasure to recommend Summit Dental Partners to any practice, as I can't imagine running my practice without them on my team. Please feel free to call me if I can be of any help.
Aaron Watman
DDS Lowell Dentistry for Children
Dear Dental Colleague: I am pleased with Summit Dental and want to share my good experience with you. If you don't have a responsible, very experienced office manager or front desk staff, you will know how much headache it is to run the office and worry about your financial health. Collecting money from dental insurance and from patients is not an easy job. Even the experienced staff may not put their full effort in to do the job without supervision. Also embezzlement can happen more than a dental owner wants to know. All those problems happened to me and now has been taken care of by Summit Dental company. They have knowledgeable professional staff working hard to deal with insurance and working with our patients to collect their balance. They are also going to let you know if there is any suspicious account activities. I think many of you could benefit from their excellent service.
Dr. Luping Ge
Working with Summit Dental Partners has made things run more smoothly in our practice. Their vast knowledge and experience has helped our front desk staff to be more productive. They've implemented systems for insurance in our business that have increased our cash flow. I love that they come in and act as part of our team. It means that someone else besides me is giving the staff numbers and goals to achieve. That management and direction coming from someone other than me is so powerful. I'm thrilled with our staff and delighted to have Summit overseeing their success.
Dr. Peter Hjorth
Hjorth Dental Group
Brought Summit on to process all claims and follow-ups, AR, statements and payments. Best thing ever. Can go on vacation for two weeks and no worries. One less employee.
Dawn F.
Your visits to the office were professional, friendly and educational. You clarified roles and put new systems in place to be used at the front desk. You helped organize and simplify the way our practice is run and have given my staff the confidence in using these systems effectively.
Dr. Joseph Competiello
I love Rosen Summit Dental Advisors. I cannot say enough good things about the entire team! Nancy, Blake and Kris have been an amazing resource, always, but ESPECIALLY during these recent times! Their outsourcing department has been incredibly helpful during this season as well, to catch up on outstanding insurance claims and accounts receivable. There are so many new unknowns these days, it is great to have a team I can rely on to answer any questions I might have and to always be in our corner.
Renee Scola
Exquisite Dentistry

Our consulting services are tailored for dental practices at various stages of their business cycle, from start-ups needing guidance on opening their practice to established practices looking to improve management, increase profitability, and plan for transitions. We support practices in implementing effective systems and protocols, handling insurance claims, strategic planning, and more, making our services beneficial for a wide range of dental practices.


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